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Performance analysis and optimization
of mobile and Extended Reality devices

We provide independent advanced performance analysis and optimization, competitive analysis,
custom benchmark, software and tools development for mobile and Extended Reality devices on all major platforms:
Android, iOS, Linux and Windows.

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Advanced performance analysis and optimization

We are experts in the field of performance analysis on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. We offer independent evaluations of smartphones, tablets, VR and MR headsets, for performance on graphics and compute workloads. We can analyze Android, iOS, Linux and Windows based mobile and Extended Reality devices, and produce technical reports and dashboards using the state of the art tools from Apple, Qualcomm, Arm, Samsung and Microsoft.

Competitive performance analysis

Our consultancy services help to stay ahead of competitors by constantly analyzing the performance and optimizing smartphones, tablets, VR and MR headsets.

For new products under development, we can advise of any potential performance deficits by measuring using content and tests that represent ‘real world’ scenarios, similar to those experienced by the end users.

For existing products, we provide independent and reproducible tests that gives sales staff and marketers reliable performance data that can be used to compare against competitors.

Benchmarks, software and tools development

We specialize in the development of benchmarks, software (middleware) and tools for the optimization of mobile and Extended Reality hardware and software.

We can customize existing benchmarks to better suit your business requirements.

We can also develop new benchmarks and tools to test and analyze specific hardware and software features.