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Asteroids Benchmarks are designed with real-world content and technical requirements for evaluation and optimization of mobile systems. Asteroids Benchmarks generate performance results based on the rendering and computational workloads that will be required for next-generation content.

Hardware performance is tested across multiple cores of the CPU and GPU using the latest software technologies to assess compatibility and performance efficiency such as Vulkan and Metal 2.


Asteroids Benchmarks are developed using Virtual Arts’ high-quality content creation platform Universe Engine to represent the next generation of content development using the latest APIs and software technologies.

The Asteroids Benchmarks suite consists of;

Content Benchmarks

This set of graphical benchmarks have been created using games & applications that are real products

Snow Forest Benchmark

Orbital Flight Benchmark

Photon Race Benchmark (Coming Soon)

Technical Benchmarks

The Meteor Shower suite of technical benchmarks have been carefully tuned to test individual areas of software/hardware within the mobile device

Draw Calls

Vertex Shading

CPU Multi-core

Fragment Shading

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Established in 2016, Virtual Arts is a mobile XR software technology company which is set to revolutionize Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality.

Virtual Arts is the company behind the content creation platform Universe-XR which powers Universe Benchmarks.

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