Graphics and compute benchmarks

Benchmarks for mobile graphics and compute.
For iOS and Android devices.

AR and VR benchmarks

Benchmarks for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality devices.

AI and ML benchmarks

Machine Learning benchmarks for the hardware of the future.

Graphics and compute benchmarks

Snow Forest

Snow Forest is a gaming class benchmark that showcases the technical capabilities of your mobile device. From the stunning reflections of the snow and the surrounding shadows of the forest to human and animal character animations.

Orbital Flight

Orbital Flight lets you get hands on with the Earth in this interactive experience. Scale and spin the globe while day becomes night. See the wonders of the earth with several different visualizations. The Benchmark Modes allow you to measure the performance of your mobile device.

Meteor Shower

A suite of micro benchmarks that measure the performance of individual CPU and GPU features.

Designed for modern hardware

Asteroids Benchmarks are developed with a brand new engine that is built for modern mobile hardware.


Everything in the engine is a job. All jobs run in parallel utilising to the best Arm's big.LITTLE multi-threaded architecture.

PBR Rendering with Metal and Vulkan

High quality PBR rendering on mobile hardware with Metal, Vulkan and DirectX.

Graphics and compute benchmark features

  • Vulkan (on Android) and Metal (on iOS) rendering
  • Multithreaded engine
  • Multiple character animations with skinning and blend shapes
  • Particle effects
  • Custom materials and custom shaders with PBR rendering
  • Dynamic reflections and shadow mapping
  • Multiple dynamic lights (directional and spot lights)
  • Cutscene-directed animations
  • 3D sounds
  • Baked lightmaps
  • ASTC texture compression
  • Physics integration
  • Engine instrumentation

AR and VR benchmarks

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AI and ML benchmarks

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